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Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and the number of choices available can be overwhelming. So how do I make these decisions, and who can I trust? As a hardware, software and technology independent provider of networking products, you can trust our recommendations. We understand that the only constant in technology evolution is change, so we continuously review the products we sell to insure that we’re taking advantage of change, in an effort to offer the greatest value to our customers, without the greatest risks.

Solution Planning

Trust us to help you create the vision and develop the plan. Gathering data, creating tools and developing a well thought-out plan with which to equip our teams is what makes the difference between near success and total success.

During the planning stage, we will align processes and forecast implementation timeframes based on the solution architecture. The solution architecture will take into account the reliability, scalability, manageability, flexibility and expendability of each specific customer and project.

The outcome will produce a framework for a quality, speedy and valuable solution for our customers.

These services, which can be provided modular or turnkey, are as follows:

img-inner-trust1¤ Technology and Product Evaluation and Selection
¤ Network Assessment and Audit
¤ Data Mapping
¤ Financial Due Diligence
¤ Preparation of Technology Reports and White Papers
¤ Process development for Design, Optimization and Testing
¤ Search Area Investigation and Candidate Submittal (Outdoor Networks)

Solution Design

Design is the enabler of the digital era – it’s a process that creates order out of chaos and renders technology useful to business. Design is the fulfillment of the plan…being good, not simply looking good. Trust us to provide this design.

Whether designing a network infrastructure, or the application that relies upon it, our approach is methodical with respect to the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Model, where the Application Layer is the driving factor in the final outcome of the network infrastructure.

There are many areas that must be evaluated in an effort to create the appropriate mix of coverage and capacity in order to meet our clients stated objectives. To do this efficiently, similar to a complex project plan, the design is broken down into manageable layers, each interdependent of one another. Action is taken within each layer to include data modeling and physical site surveys, producing a deliverable for construction and implementation. Types of services provided in the Design phase include the following:

img-inner-trust2¤ Topographic Analysis, Visibility Study, and Link Budget Analysis (Outdoor Networks)
¤ IP Network Design, VLAN Configuration, Security Design
¤ Heat Maps and Propagation Models
¤ Frequency Coordination and Channel Planning
¤ Interoperability and Integration Requirements Documentation
¤ Site Survey and Reporting