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SmartWAVE Technologies is a leading “wireless” centric solutions provider specializing in the planning, design, integration and management of wireless infrastructures, along with the unique applications that these networks support. We cater to the Smart City, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate and Enterprise markets, providing a competitive advantage to our clients through wireless.  As a privately held organization, we pride ourselves on the ability to adjust more quickly and efficiently with market changes and the needs of our customers.


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Our Legacy

Founded in 2007 as a Firm primarily targeting wireless solutions to Municipal Governments, we have expanded to include marquee customer relationships in a variety of other markets, maintaining a tradition of quality and performance. As wireless technologies have evolved since our founding, our skillsets and product offerings have evolved to include a the ever-changing Internet of Things (IoT). If you are looking for the Expertise required to deploy the network and applications throughout your Enterprise, a Campus, a City or County, or even a Small Country, our resources have the experience, capabilities and passion for delivery.

Our Culture

As a services company, our value is the strength of our team. To that end, we strive to retain and recruit talented resources that share our vision, understand our customer’s goals, and work in a culture where they enjoy what they do and are committed to the team’s success.

Empowering the wireless generation

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