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Our legacy in Education truly began when our founder grew up in a family of Educators. As a result of this experience by birth, we have a unique appreciation of the K-12 and Higher Education markets.  At SmartWAVE, we truly appreciate how WiFi can help our Education Leaders become more effective Administrators, how WiFi can help our Teachers become better Educators, and how WiFi can help our Students become better Scholars.  We are skilled in how to plan for and manage the proliferations of WiFi devices in Education, as well as exciting WiFi applications.

How we can help:

  • ERATE Network Solutions

  • Wireless Network Survey, Design, Installation, And Management

  • Smart Building and IoT Devices Powered Through The Wireless Network

  • Physical and Network Security Solutions

  • Network Infrastructure Managed Services

Smart Cities

SmartWAVE has been deploying Smart City wireless infrastructures since our founding. These innovative infrastructures have made a substantial impact improving public safety and public services to the community. These services have been provided to support both indoor and outdoor wireless networks, to include the 5 largest municipal owned Community Wireless Broadband Networks in the United States. We understand that a Municipality depends on Tax Revenue and the Reduction of Operating Expenses to effectively serve the community, so we do everything we can to position our clients with the best opportunity for success through wireless. Today our clients enjoy the benefits from these award-winning networks enhancing municipal services to the Community.

Smart City Applications:

  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Economic Redevelopment
  • Street and Garage Parking Networks
  • Transportation Networks
  • Lease Line Replacement
  • IOT Devices and Sensor Networks
  • KIOSKs and Variable Message Boards
  • Patient Telemetry for First Responders
  • Public Safety Mobility Networks
  • Electronic Art and Street Beautification

How we can help:

  • Digital Equity Broadband Networks

  • Smart City Applications – IoT Applications

  • Smart City Consulting, Propagation Modeling, FCC License Management, Site Survey

  • Design, Installation, Managed Services, And Application Integration

  • Private LTE Solutions to support Smart City Applications


When patient care is the goal, reliability is key. So how do we ensure that Patient Care is not “at risk” when using unlicensed spectrum, such as WiFi? How do we design and deploy a network to meet the needs of my clinical staff and meet the HIPAA and other requirements to protect my patients? The evolution of WiFi devices in Healthcare answers those questions by increasing Doctor efficiency, helping hospitals turn beds, and improving the patient experience.

How we can help:

  • Wireless Network Infrastructure Assessment

  • Wireless Network Design, Installation, and Managed Services

  • Wireless WAN Solutions For Primary And Redundant Facility Connectivity

  • Private LTE Solutions for Clinical Applications


When it comes to the Enterprise, a wireless network with unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance has a tremendous impact on employee efficiencies and employer costs. With the proliferation of WiFi devices and increased demand for bandwidth and spectrum, along with the fact that WiFi frequencies are susceptible to interference, the “old way of doing things” by “throwing an Access Point” at the problem, simply doesn’t work. In fact, it adds to the problem. If you haven’t started your plan for the WiFi (R)evolution to the latest Wi-Fi standard, now is the time.

How we can help:

  • WiFi and Network Infrastructure Assessments and Strategic Planning

  • WiFi and Network Infrastructure Survey, Design, Installation and Management

  • Wireless WAN Solutions for Primary and Redundant Facility Connectivity

Real Estate

Deploying WiFi as a Managed Service allows building owners to add network infrastructure as an asset to the facility, provide WiFi as an amenity to residents, drive recurring revenue from the system, and provide a better WiFi experience to the residents as a lower cost per unit.

Offering residents a seamless wireless experience anywhere they go throughout the building or campus adds value to the property, making it more attractive to the current renting pool. A managed WiFi service will add efficiency, convenience, and security from individual units to common spaces and the surrounding grounds/parking areas of the building.

How we can help:

  • Multi-Family Housing

  • Student Housing

  • Senior Living Facility

  • Public Housing

  • Commercial Real Estate Developments

Empowering the wireless generation

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