LTE, WiFi, Microwave, Licensed or Unlicensed…the list of questions about the pros and cons of various technologies are endless. Our consultative approach, in concert with our team of seasoned professionals, can insure that the technology selected for your needs best fits your project goals, provides you with the ability to service multiple applications, and can be supported post installation for a manageable expense.

How we can help:

  • Network Planning – Assessments, Equipment Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Site Acquisition
  • Network Design – Propagation Modeling, Network Architectures, Site Surveys, Channel Planning, Spectrum Sweeps, Link Budgets
  • Network Installation – Equipment Configuration, Installation, Tower Work, Testing and Commissioning
  • Network Management – Optimization, Monitoring, Network Management, and Training
  • Application Integration – IoT Devices, Transportation, Video Surveillance, Parking, Meter Reading, SCADA

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